Fair Rabbit’s Life Altering Day (with Painting and Ramen!) :D

February 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

I find it ironically appropriate that the day I begin my new life as a serious art blogger is also the day my boss tells me they’re hiring me full time with salary and benefits only after a month of working there. This wouldn’t be such a huge deal if I hadn’t grown up on the lower sector of suburban life or been working dead end crappy jobs for almost a year after college and living on ramen (not to mention all those years in college working crappy jobs and living on ramen).

This is a huge life altering moment.

Oh my god. Cans I actually afford beef?  O_O

But anyways, Hi! I’m Fair Rabbit. 

(<—-This is me!)

Like I said, recently out of college. Studied illustration, do painting…which is dumb because I hate the illustration “industry” and want to mainly sell in galleries. I don’t go by my real name, not because I’m attempting to be some mysterious and attention seeking Batman type, but simply because I think my name is boring and not worthy of remembering. Plus, anything with bunnies in it is better, in my opinion, but more on that later.

Just this week I finished the fifth painting in a series I started with women and monsters being all cute and snuggly and also kinda gross with each other at the same time. I wanted it to be a little religious with deep meaning and stuff, but honestly, it’s just whatever silly images comes out of my head is what’s going down on the canvas.

“Ooooh. I wants ta draw wings!” *girly giggle*

Yeah. That’s my thought process…

Anyways, here are the five paintings (one more to come) with a link to my site and shop if interested.


The Trinity

The Serpent

The Fallen

The Tree

The Forsaken

Much love,
Fair Rabbit


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