Rejection for the Struggling Artist: Don’t Give Up

April 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I was in school my professors taught us about many artists who dealt with tons of rejection before they made it big, and some who died poor and unknown and didn’t become famous until later.

I’ve dealt with this, and still am dealing with this. Rejection seriously hurts and we tend to take it personally. It will happen a lot before we become recognized enough to get jobs and make money on a consistent basis doing art in a freelance or gallery setting.

But I found an amazing article about this which made me feel way better.

The Illusion of Rejection and How to Deal with It

by Maria Brophy

Here are some creatives who you may or may not have heard about that struggled to get noticed then became gods in their field. The link above also includes The Beatles (who almost never got signed to a record label!)

and J.K. Rowling (author of the wildly popular Harry Potter series. No one would sign her until the young daughter of a publisher read the manuscript and wanted to know what happened next! A child made her famous. How awesome is that?).

Frank Frazetta

The man who changed art in the comic book industry. He was the cover illustrator of many Conan the Barbarian issues. He struggled for years, rejection after rejection of his amazing work until people took notice of a caricature of Ringo Starr he did for MAD magazine. Then his world blew up and he became a serious sensation and it lasted until the day he died.

Vincent Van Gogh

He was mentally unstable, which may have contributed to his lack of success in life, and ultimately led to his suicide. He created over 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches but they were never really discovered until after he died. His work now goes for crazy cash. His portrait of Dr. Gachet is worth 134 million dollars.

So keep your chins up struggling artists! I’m right there with you. Let’s spread the word, spread the work, and keep each other motivated. We don’t suck! There’s just a lot of competition, so it may take time for our time to come. ;)

Much love,
Fair Rabbit


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