3D Sculpture and a Munny Contest

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been in love with vinyl toys since 2004 when I first saw one in a library book. I did a lot of maquette sculpture (small sculptures for game and animation) when I was studying Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Washington (which, btw…DO NOT GO THERE if you’re thinking about art as a career. No college with tv commercials is in it for your education, just your check book). *grumbles*

Anyway, so I did a lot of sculpture and absolutely loved it. It was a close call from choosing that or illustration for my new major when I transferred to SCAD. Sculpture just seemed to be an even harder thing to make money off than making pictures. While taking a 3D class, my professor had us create something in the style of a famous artist. I chose Elizabeth McGrath for her horrifyingly beautiful characters. The end result was “Periwinkle and Von Claudia”, a two headed deer/llama conglomeration that held a lock in it’s belly (which was cute but wasn’t very good haha). That was my last sculpture back in 2009!

Long story short I had a serious jonesing the other day to get back into making 3D art, and to motivate myself into completing it, looked into contests online. I came across the Munny World Mega Contest on KidRobot.com, a great site for designer and blank vinyl toys, posters, magazines, etc.

I feel so bad about this….but I went out and spent about $100 on supplies to make this one sculpture. Gah!

This is what I got:

Mini FOOMI figure from Urban Outfitters  $10

1lb of Super Sculpey from Michael’s Craft Store   $13

Embossing heat tool, also from Michael’s   $25

Dremel and tool set (not pictured) from Walmart   $40

I did a pretty cool sketch of a woman/fantasy animal hybrid and began working on it last night. I don’t want to upload anything until it’s done for the off chance someone might use my idea and do it better and before me. Haha. More updates later. It’s due in two weeks so *fingers crossed* I needs ta get on the wagon and do this quick!

If anyone else decides to enter send me a link to your submission so I can see. :)

Much love,
Fair Rabit


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