The Starving Artist

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned before, I got super lucky and scored a pretty sweet job making illustrations at a toy company. Needless to say, I’m still as broke as the night is black. Being up to my eyeballs in debt (over 100 grand) for art school is pretty ridiculous for the amount I’m getting at my job.

I’m sure as an artist, college or no, you’re probably feeling the weight of this economy with an overwhelming debt of some kind.

As artists, we pick our job because we love it. We’re going to live on ramen for I don’t know how many years. But I’ll tell you something that’s been helping me not spend more than I make (which is super easy to do if you’re not paying attention).

I started using a site called It’s a simple budgeting tool and it’s free. You can input a checking and savings account, any real estate or vehicle you own, loans, and you’re monthly income. Then you can choose subjects like “groceries” and put how much you’re willing to shell out for that in that month. It adds up all your bills, lets you know how much you’ll be spending and how much you’ll have left over. You can also set up goals, such as “paying an extra $250 a month on loans.”

Just hope that helps out if you’re struggling financially.

Much Love,
Fair Rabbit


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