The Evolution of Your Style

November 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I took a big chunk out of my day scanning the art from my past (going all the way back to middle school!). The mess of papers and boards and canvases was just too much in my physical world to handle anymore. I threw 99% of it out and am going to just hold on to the digital memories instead.

It’s actually a healthy thing to keep this stuff (even in digital form) so you can see how far you’ve come style, talent, and technique-wise. Looking back, I’m blown away at how different my current art is from even two years ago.

It makes me feel way better too to understand that in even a year, my talents have blossomed. That’s to say that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others, especially famous artists who have been in the business for a few years, because compared to them, I’m just a newbie. I’m a toddler on the talent wheel. So I tell you also, don’t compare yourself, because it’ll do you no good unless you like being depressed. Just compare yourself to yourself and I promise it’ll make you feel amazing to see how far you’ve come along!

I want to show you a few pieces from varying stages of my life. Let’s take a walk, shall we? ;)

So here we are in the year 2000. I’m in 8th grade art class armed with color pencils and learning about perspective. You can see the total anime inspiration here. Haha.

Jump to 2003 when I’m in 10th grade and starting to get into music other than stuff my parents have me listen to. This piece was based off of the lyrics of Eisley’s “Marvelous Things”. As you can see, I’m still into color pencils and my composition is getting a bit better. Haven’t quite jumped off the ledge into the scary world of liquid materials. Yikes.

In 2005 I’m a senior in high school and in that total “emo” faze. I still find it humorous to make fun of the scene tho with this little one image comic of “Emo Boy, son of Superman”. Again, sticking to pencils. I’d dabbled a little in watercolor by this time but it all suuuucked. :p But you can see my style is maturing, even if I’m stagnant in my technique.

In 2006 I started at the Art Institute of Washington (do not go here!) and it seems the place sucked out my (beginning to bud) talent. I was uninspired and STILL working with colored pencils. But this is the time I started to really enjoy heavy outlines. I was really into cartoons like Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and my style reflected it.

In 2007 I ditched AiW and enrolled in SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). I finally began to seriously dabble in pen and ink and character concepts. Here is an excerpt from a book of women characters I did for a materials and techniques class. You can see my style is starting to again edge towards realism yet still has a strong cartoon influence.

I started doing a lot of darker themed stuff as well.

But alas, kept up with the color pencils for a good long time along side the pen and ink. I think this helped me with line work and quality in the long run tho..

In 2008 I started watercolors. I probably should have stayed with this medium because it is so fast (I could do a simple portrait in 10-15 minutes) but it didn’t feel right. So this faze didn’t last long.

In 2009 I started incorporating acrylics in with ink and tried more graceful ladies in a more painterly style.

In early 2010 my characters were beginning to take on a super lengthy and waif-like look. I liked the more cartoony style instead of the more realistic as I thought it would help my stuff be more recognizable as my own.

And then I began an acrylic on cardboard technique that I stayed with for six months into mid 2010.

Which brings us to my current style now in 2011 that I do in oil. I liked the acrylics a lot but felt very limited in color in the way I was using it and limited in blending abilities because of how fast it dried. So oil allowed me to spread color like butter and I liked how soft it looked.

I’m excited to see how far I come in the next eleven years. Time, practice, and experimentation are the ingredients for getting better.

Hope you enjoyed the journey through my portfolio past.

Much love,
Fair Rabbit


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