Featured Artist: Menton3

November 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

I met Menton3 at the 2010 Dragoncon art show in Atlanta, GA. He looked like a rocker/biker dude and I was honestly a little intimidated to speak with him. But I was so interested in his dark artwork that I went up to him anyway. He surprised me though when my friend and I began talking to him. He was incredibly down-to-earth and friendly, and he even chatted with us about our own art and personal projects, telling us we could send him things to critique. I never took him up on the offer since I figured he was just being nice, but it stuck in my head. This guy really should be more famous.

I remember he said he did some work for the comic Silent Hill: Past Life which really excited me. I bought a limited edition giclee print from him and still have it hanging proudly in my living room.

You can check out his site at menton3.com or his DeviantArt account at menton3.deviantart.com/#

Here’s some stuff from M3 (all images copyright Menton John Matthews III/Menton3 or their respected owners).

Much Love,
Fair Rabbit


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