Angel Sketch Part 2

November 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is the finished placement composition of my Angel piece. Still trying to figure out a name for it. Going to change up the flower pillars and add more mechanical stuff to them. I’ll add more birds and machine-like butterflies and whatnot to fill the space. And there will be gooey drips coming from her hands connecting to the front pillar, and off course gooey clouds in the background. I changed the girl so she looked more dynamic and Final Fantasy-ish and less stiff and well…boring. I’m trying to go back to the crazy fashion styles I used to draw in my high school classes. :p

Any suggestions for a name or anything else it could have in it? Thanks!



Fair Rabbit, 


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§ One Response to Angel Sketch Part 2

  • olletron says:

    This is SO cool :D (I don’t usually put ‘so’ in capitals because I think it looks really cliché, but this deserves it ahah) It’s definitely a few pegs up from before, well done~ I can’t think of a name/title though : The hands are awesome sdfghj too much to say about this ahah :>

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