Agnes Obel “Riverside” acoustic cover

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I did an acoustic cover. This is my rendition of “Riverside” by the great Agnes Obel (I love her so muuuuuuch). Hope you like.

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Piano Restoration & Painting Part 3

December 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s done! This thing took way longer than I expected it to. Guess it’s weird switching from flat surfaces to three dimensional stuff. But I think it looks great. Went with a pure black body with satin varnish to make it sort of shiny. It looks like a tiny grand piano! ^_^

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Surf Expo

December 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m going to Orlando, baby! I got an email from a gallery owner here in Atlanta who is also the president of the Surf Expo (January 12-14, 2012). It’s a trade show for companies to show off their newest products and sell them to retailers. I’m one of six artists who were offered free booths (over $4,000 value…wowza).

This is very exciting. Big brands will be there including giants like Vans, Volcom, DC Shoes, and Quiksilver. Last year the president said one of the artists got six deals with companies to make art for them. I’m hoping something similar will happen this year. Even if it doesn’t, this is still a huge deal getting my name and brand out there.

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Piano Restoration & Painting Part 2

December 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days. This was my birthday week. The big quarter-century mark. Gettin old. *sigh* So in my old-ness, I slept. A lot.

But I’m back, refreshed (hopefully). I redid the painting of the piano top so it’s more my style. More candy-ish and in a pretty rainbow gradient. :D

It’s not done, but it’s getting there! And soon! I could probably finish it tonight if I tried, but I’m making no promises. Good pics’ll be up very soon because this is going to show and I possibly might not get it back.

Piano Restoration & Painting Part 1

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

So in my last post Bargain Hunting for Starving Artists, I showed a child-sized Barbie piano I found at Goodwill. The legs had been broken off, so I bought four tiny Queen Anne legs at Lowe’s ($6.67 each) and attached them with wood glue to hold the base up. I think the final result is pretty cool and adorably small. ^_^ Totally not a band find and restoration for a little over $35.

Here it is gessoed (ready to paint on) with the legs. I had to open it up and take the keys out so paint wouldn’t get on them.Here’s the final sketch for the top panel. And what I have so far for the painting. It’s a little more slow-going than I would like because of all the gradients. Hopefully before week’s end this baby’ll be done.
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Bargain Hunting for Starving Artists

December 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

I’ve really gotten into thrifting lately. After the Toy Division show a few days ago I went to Goodwill to look for stuff to paint on. To my absolute astonishment, I came across this beauty.It’s a child-sized Barbie grand piano! That WORKS. Sure the legs were broken off and there was no stool with it, but it was only $10. Used, these things go for over $250 on ebay. Sheesh. Talk about a great deal.

I also found seven super cute purses. They’re priced at $4.95 each but three were half off for only $2.50 today. These will make super cute, wearable art (I’ll paint something simple on them and sell for under $100).If you go craft supply shopping, USE COUPONS. I found an Aaron’s Brothers art store and the first thing I see when I walk in is a huge display of packaged canvases. I got a 10-pack of 8″x10″ canvases, using a 50% off one item coupon, WITH tax, for only $13 something. O_OIf you shop smart, you can find tons of cool stuff for your art supplies. If you dig through crap long enough, you’re bound to find some crazy awesome stuff of your own.

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‘Under the Cradle’ Prints for Sale

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Toy Division month-long show began last night and my piece sold in less than two hours after opening. So since the original is gone, I’ve uploaded the scan to my website and prints are for sale. It’s a fairly large print. 12″x18″ for $20. It comes on a high quality lustre paper.

You can buy it here:

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