Piano Restoration & Painting Part 1

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

So in my last post Bargain Hunting for Starving Artists, I showed a child-sized Barbie piano I found at Goodwill. The legs had been broken off, so I bought four tiny Queen Anne legs at Lowe’s ($6.67 each) and attached them with wood glue to hold the base up. I think the final result is pretty cool and adorably small. ^_^ Totally not a band find and restoration for a little over $35.

Here it is gessoed (ready to paint on) with the legs. I had to open it up and take the keys out so paint wouldn’t get on them.Here’s the final sketch for the top panel. And what I have so far for the painting. It’s a little more slow-going than I would like because of all the gradients. Hopefully before week’s end this baby’ll be done.
Fair Rabbit


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  • olletron says:

    Oh my God.



    That looks INCREDIBLE

    I’m really really really really really blown away by this that I have lost all syntax!

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