July 17, 2013 § 1 Comment


A new digital drawing program is out! And it is AMAZING! 61 Solutions, Inc has released Mischief, a vector based painting program. The coolest feature is an unlimited zoom, in or out, with no loss in detail. It is INSANE. It went on sale, half price today for only $65 for the full program. There are Mac and PC versions. Check out the 15 day free trial first.


I spent about an hour and a half playing around with it and came up with my own version of Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon. Granted, I am not a digital artist, tho I am hoping this program will push me in that direction (really that easy to use).

Try the program out and post a link to what you do with it. I’d love to see what people are doing since there isn’t much out yet. Have fun!

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