NEW ART: “Skyll”

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Skyll means blame in Swedish. And since it looks so much like the English word skull I thought it seemed a fitting title.


Fair Rabbit


NEW ART: High Quality “Zoe”, “I Create My Atmosphere”, & “Distant Serena”

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Finally got my scanner out after moving. The newest stuff has been scanned at high quality and reuploaded to



I Create My Atmosphere_small

Distant Serena_small


Fair Rabbit

NEW ART: “I Create My Atmosphere”

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Was going for something a little more monotone this time. It turned out very dreamy looking. :)

Click thru for larger image

I Create My Atmosphere


Fair Rabbit

NEW ART: “Zoe”

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Fair Rabbit

NEW ART: “Distant Serena”

December 9, 2013 § 2 Comments

I wanted to try something that can be done in an evening, and found it! Took only 2 and a half hours. This is acrylic wash and color pencil on board. I love the soft effect and the crisp lines.

The overall look of oils/all acrylic paintings was what I was hoping I could keep with, but they take me forever and frustrate me…honestly the reason I’ve been lacking in the art this year. I was never trained in painting. I studied illustration, so I’m gonna stick with my strengths and start doing what I love again.

Hope you guys like. (I’m wondering if I should add a background or is the plain wood nice?)

Fair Rabbit

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