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September 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

While I was sitting here tonight listening to Clam Casino’s “Numb” for the bazillionth time this week, I thought “Hey you, I wonder if everyone else is as weird as you…obsessive with songs to the point of madness. What DO people listen to for their artistic inspiration?” I know for me without music there’s absolutely nothing going on inside my brain artistically and I stare at the paper blankly. And for some reason my soul likes the darker, droning type of stuff to really get into the mood. Something etherial with a beat, other worldly, something that makes me feel like I could close my eyes and fly out into the night sky and into a dream, and kick butt while doing it…you know, silly romantic stuff like that. Ha.

Thought maybe you all would like a small playlist of my favorites. My husband is really into post rock, which I love, but can’t focus on anything while listening to it. I’d love to hear what you’re listening to, too. That melody or music that just GETS you. Ya know?

Enjoy. ;)
Fair Rabbit

Clams Casino – “Numb”
[fan-made video contains some disturbing images, but some really awesome ones from The Fountain as well]


White Lies – “Death” (Chase & Status Remix Re-edit)
[Turn it up for a good drop at minute 1:10]


Birthday Massacre – “Leaving Tonight”
[Long-time favorite band. Get to see them this November! Yay]


The Engine Room – “A Perfect Lie”
[Like “Numb”, this is another great drone song. Listen to it over and over and over and over…. The song kicks into high gear at 2:06. Gotta turn this one all the way up too]


Monoral – “Kiri”
[From the anime Ergo Proxy. Can you believe this is a Japanese band? Yeah, me either]


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