Get a FREE plushy for your thoughts, and I reduced my Etsy store prices!

September 23, 2014 § 1 Comment

I’ve sporadically sold a few things in the new shop but I’d like to get some consistent sales going. I’d like my items to be affordable enough to guarantee your happiness and hopefully gain some long-term return customers as well. I’m still trying to find that pricing “sweet spot” for my online sales and hope the new costs are better suited to you guys!

Plushies are now $10-15.

And all art prints are from $7-10.

Hope you can find something you like! If you have any plushy ideas send me an email at or leave a comment below. The weirder the idea the better (include as many descriptions as possible, such as color, clothing, shapes, etc if you want). If I pick your idea you will get a sewn version of your plushy for free! Don’t worry. There’s no limit to how many winners there can be. Just has to be a winner of an idea. ;)

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Dragon Con, Freaking Out, and New Stuff

September 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

D Con was a blast, but I was essentially freaking out all weekend. It’s a great opportunity for local artists, but it’s expensive as all out. I was hoping to sell at least enough to cover my gallery and print shop costs. If any of you have ever done a show, you know the space usually isn’t free. When I showed two years ago I sold about twenty prints and that was it. It covered my costs, but just barely, and I was still paying out of pocket for parking to load/unload items and the tickets to actually attend. For all the stress it didn’t seem worth it, and essentially that’s why I didn’t redo it last year. This year however, and I don’t know why it hit me, but the urge was there…to try again. And oh my god was it worth it!

I just got back from packing up at Con with my husband. We took 15 of my originals to show, and when we got to my gallery board tonight only three were still hanging there. I…honestly thought maybe someone had stolen the rest? I was kind of in shock. Turns out I had sold TWELVE original paintings in one weekend. We went to the print shop. Out of 150 prints I took, 45 sold. The little person who lives in my head was silently doing a jig while the Dragon Con volunteer checked us out. In total, it more than enough covered the costs of the whole weekend, plus some. I’m so excited to try again next year!

Celebratory Yogurt!






[Celebratory Yogurt]

Speaking of next year, if you saw my latest post it went through an explanation of the new things I’m starting to do. As the title of that post probably explains pretty well, I started a beautiful new website (

And I started an Etsy store where it’ll be easier to find originals and prints! (

The mood struck to start sewing cute little critters. My original oil paintings all included little monsters or animals and thought a great way to be able to sell toys was to start making affordable plushies as well. A few are already up and sold out in the store (don’t worry, more are coming!) and I’m in the works of making more designs!

Fair Rabbit plushies

[My Harem of Cute]

I’m hoping to get a booth at DCon next year and start selling these little guys there. I’ve come to realize the sweet spot at conventions where college kids are the main participants, is about the $20 mark or under for small items and $180 or less for larger. Just a helpful hint for anyone new to the scene (cuz I certainly was selling stuff for way too much my first time, hence the small sales count).

Anyway, stay tuned and sign up for email updates if you haven’t already because I’m planning on taking this Etsy thing by storm. I’m hoping to get new items up every week [Whew!]. It’s hard work but super rewarding and I can’t say thank you enough to the people who have contributed to sales and who encourage me with words. It’s all very much appreciated and I love you!

Fair Rabbit

Apologies about Blog problems

September 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

The new blog I was attempting that was connected to my website was problematic. I’m not even sure if anyone was getting email updates?

So the old blog (this one) will be the main one again. Please continue to follow me here (

Sorry for any problems and thanks for being patient while I go through these website transitions. I’ll repost what I had written on the new blog here.

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