What’s With You Hoity-Toity Artists?

November 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

Super long, self important artist statements. Am I the only one who hates them?

Most of the time the language artists spew off about themselves and their work is Masters Degree level jargon, long winded, and¬†edited to death. I don’t know if I’m too stupid to understand it, or they’re stupid and writing a bunch of nonsense.

The last time I checked, artists usually went to art school…if at all. Where did this expectation of sounding like you came from a law background come from?

Fair Rabbit


Mijn Schatje Makes Me Furious! Plagiarism FAIL.

November 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

Of course every artist has looked at other artwork for inspiration and/or reference. But there is a difference between using a tilt of the face for perspective and copying a face exactly.

Mijn Schatje is a digital artist that has been copying the faces of Ball Jointed Dolls in Adobe Illustrator and stealing from Audrey Kawasaki and who knows what other artists without asking for permission.

She copies VERBATIM these people’s work and calls it her own. She’s become so famous that prints alone sell for over $1k a pop. I can’t stand this!

How many countless TALENTED artists are there in the world that are living poor and unknown lives when this jack-off Mijn Schatje is getting rich and famous from stealing? Please don’t support this woman.

This site here has compounded a lot of evidence of her plagiarism. It’s really sickening.¬†http://everytomorrow.net/mijn/

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